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robin Do you remember what happened when crowds got desperate  when they knew the aid convoy did not have enough supplies…  things they did not show on the media  things that will haunt those who where there. Those where tough people seasoned by hardship….. come to our culture of entitled to entitlements and  you think it wont be way worse add  the militarized police who beat and kill for no reason and give them one, and see what happens.


The problem with urban in my book  is you can never have enough defenders and land to provide the food necessary for long term survival and maintain perimeter security. In a City military bases will be over run when things get bad no way a small inner city group could  take the learning curve losses, emotional  damage and maintain all that it has to.

I and my group have been talking working together for years now and still slowly growing this year we move to BOL and commute only for work, with  meeting points and strategy of how we all can get back  and still have base defended. We are hoping slow burn but really dont know which disaster will befall us just KNOW there is no way for us to avoid them all.