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1974 – Sorry, I should have mentioned that once you get your free access (it is free for the vids – only the full blown course costs) there are over 20 interesting vids on what FT mentions above in addition to using chickens to fertilize, letting them “free range” and eat bugs and such through compost piles (fertilizing as they scratch), moving them every 10 days.

Anyway, I thought the free vids (20-45 mins each) were worth mentioning as the goal seemed to be a manageable level for a “crew” to both maintain and obtain food from.

FT, not at all, thanks – I got most of what you mentioned and I like the use of rainwater and natural cuttings and plantings and animal fertilizer to re-feed the “forest” on a rotational basis.  I also like the idea that at a glance it really doesn’t look like full blown crops with the blended trees and shrubs on the contours of the land.  I heard Mollison’s name mentioned a couple times so I’ll dig up his book when I get a chance.  Really need to get some acreage before I can do much (although they did have a good vid on a guy who was doing a ton of growing in like 750 square feet!).  I agree, feeding a city would definitely be a paradigm shift there – only way that would happen is if all the stores closed and trucks stopped rolling in – oh, and everyone got along and contributed to it’s establishment – not likely.

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