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FT – thanks for the detailed post.  For the record, I’m not a 100% global warming denier (how it got changed to “climate change” I don’t understand – doesn’t the climate change in cycles all the time?), and I haven’t studied or read any peer reviews, but I do have a few questions that maybe you can shed some light on (since you definitely seem to have qualification to do so).  No, that’s not a sarcastic jab.

1)  Doesn’t the plant world grow better and produce more in areas or times that have higher CO2 content?  If so, is that truly bad?

2)  Wasn’t there past ages of high CO2 levels during the dinosaurs and such?

3)  I watched both Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” and also McElhinney/McAleer’s “Not Evil, Just Wrong” rebuttal.  Despite the fact that I think Al Gore is about the biggest hypocrite on earth and he only did this to enrich himself, the presentation by McElhinney and McAleer just seemed to make more sense to me.  Thoughts on both?

4)  Before the age of man, wasn’t the air being polluted by uncontrolled wildfires, volcanoes and storms?  Doesn’t this account for an equivalent amount of CO2 now being released by man?  Maybe less since we put out all those fires as soon as we can now?

5)  Have we not had severe weather in the past that equals what we are now seeing?  If memory serves me right there has been discoveries of nordic longhouses on long frozen areas of Greenland.  Doesn’t that show that it was previously a warmer climate where the ancient Norse could live and grow crops?

6)  If the above was warmer, didn’t that release the methane you mention above?

7)  Lastly, in the 70’s much of the same community was preaching global cooling.  What makes this different and why were they wrong then but right now?

I agree with doing what we can to conserve, recycle, reuse and any other method to preserve the earths resources – but I’m not a believer that an insect, a fairy shrimp or an animal should be raised to the same level as humankind.

Thanks for the discussion.  Forgive my questions if they are on the lower end of the spectrum -

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