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Yes but some change once they get older and see the truth. Right now the progressives do not even know what the word progressive really means, 5%  think it is for free food, free healthcare and so on. They do not know what Communism is and that Progressives is Communism. Some think Communism is cool, no rich people! That is what the young think. Wait till they find out it is about control, lost of freedoms.

The young will ether die or will have to be killed because many will rebel. This happens in all the countries that are Communist. When they become 30 years old they lose 80% or more. This happens in Cuba. Right now the war of indoctrination is being lost in Cuba and the government doesn’t know what to do.

We do have the problem of the young that are easily talked into all the free stuff and easy jobs formore money so they love what the progressives say even if it is all a lie. It is bad brother. I talk to my kids everyday because they are being feed this progressive lie in the schools.