Kind of on the fence with your comments.. reasons being, there’s lots more going on than just ‘fast’ and ‘slow’…

South Africa? Nevermind that the ANC and their cronies are all communist thugs, including Mandela (who was responsible for a whole laundry list of atrocities) – the Western Media has too much self-righteous moral capital invested in South Africa to admit they were wrong the whole time, so what’s happening in SA gets no airtime. Plus – and you know this is true – it’s fashionable to beat up on Evil Whitey. Reverse the conditions in SA, especially what’s happening with the Boer Farmers, and the Media would be demanding NATO go in, guns blazing..

Rhodesia? Erm.. Zimbabwe? Same thing. Evil Whitey getting beat up on? Tossed off his land? Nobody cares. Worse – and they’ll never admit it in a thousand years, but sometimes if you piss them off and they’re hiding behind the anonymity of the computer, they’ll cop to it – they’re secretly glad it’s happening, considering it “payback” for every hurt – real or imagined. So, what’s going on in Zimbabwe is ignored, or else they drag out that old horse to beat on – “A legacy of colonialism”. Bottom line, nobody will do anything.

Yugoslavian Civil War? Got lots of play because it was Europe and threatened the Status Quo. Plus, in the press, it was Evil Christians beating up on Poor Muslims. If that would have happened in Africa or SA, nobody would say boo. Plus, Clinton was looking for something to divert attention away from himself, so of course he gets involved… had nothing to do with ‘fast’…

Argentina? Might as well be on the moon as far as most Americans are concerned… A hundred years ago, they were our main competition, but now? Just another also-ran. A 3rd or 4th rate country’s economy implodes? Will it affect us? No? Bottom line, nobody cares. Interesting sidenote – the things Argentina did to get their economy to implode are the same things that we are doing – have been doing – but somehow we think we’re immune because “WE’RE ‘MURKA!! WE’RE NO. 1!!” and everyone waives their big foam finger with “No.1″ on it…

Here, read all about puny Argentina… they used to kick ass, but now? Eh… not so much.


When it happens to us.. well, the elephant in the room is that none of the above countries had their currency as the world’s reserve currency. When the dollar/our economy implodes, it will affect every other nation on earth, since the main currencies of the world are all tied to the dollar (which used to be tied to gold, but hasn’t since August of 1971… thanks Nixon). I think that when we go down, we’re taking everyone else out too, and because everyone else will be dealing with their own problems, I seriously doubt that anyone will come to our aid… ever.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1