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Mr Red, You are right that the cities will be jungles but the farms will be sitting ducks all out in the open areas and when the gangs from the cities go there they will be harden by all the killing they have done in the cities so be prepared my brother. There are so many(millions) that will go your way you need your group to get ready. This will happen 30 days after the SHTF.

Also what many do not even think about is the jails that are in areas away from the cities. These criminals are not easy to handle. Some in the farmland will get hit on the first 30 days because they will trust someone that comes there way and look friendly but maybe a killer.

The cities will be a war zone, but they are a jungle which may help since it is not an open area, many places to hide.

No were will it be safe but farm areas will be safer for the first 30 days. I had read an article on gangs and in this article they said that the gangs in the U. S. have more arms than some countries do.

Just remember to shoot first and then ask who is coming!