Mr. Red
Mr. Red

It’s very possible, as long as you know how to do it.

Survival in a SHTF world will suck pretty much everywhere. The only thing is that in a city, there will still be things to be had an scavenged, at least for a little while. Out in the boonies, you have yourself and your people to rely on, for literally everything.

Security will be overly important no matter where you’re at.

Water is huge, so in an urban environment you’ll have to find ways of being able to get enough water, by rain collection or scavenge bottles of it. Rural areas for a BOL or whatever you wish to call it should have multiple ways of getting water.

You can grow food in a city, but it’ll be small. The thing is there will still be some food to be found, but of course that’ll keep getting less and less. Out in the sticks you’ll have to grow your own, as well as hunt, fish, trap. Those things can still be done in a city environment but it’s a bit tougher if you’re not real sure how to go about it.

That’s just a few small points. It can be done, and done very well, but surviving a collapse or SHTF event in a city isn’t the best idea. For myself, I prefer my place out in the middle of no where, due to how secure it can be (not perfect but better than any city).

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