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Ghost Prime, I live in a city, Miami, Florida. I think that a SHTF will be hard any were you live. Gangs are not going to stay in the cities, they know well that they food supplies are limited to what is in the stores which will be out of food the first week of an SHTF. They will hit many homes for food but after 30 days they will want to find other food supply and that is in the farmland.

Gangs will try to take over the farmers and make them there slaves to farm the land for there food. They are killers that will hold there kids and wife’s to make sure the man will work for them. This will not be pretty since many farmers will not take it. Many on the two sides will die.

So the way I see it you need to build up your group of Patriots were you live and defend the area. Gangs will like to take over easy targets first so if you are not an easy target they will move on since there will be so many targets for them to hit.

There will be the hardcore criminal gang members and the jails that will let them all out which will be hard to deal with. All of these gangs and criminals will not stay in the cities for more them a year since it will get harder by each day to find food. So the end will be that they leave for the farms.

So any were you go the most important thing is to have a good group to defend your area and if your group needs to move then the group does it together.

Then there are the people that are not gangs but didn’t prepare at all that will also go after food. Many in the cities are armed well. They will go after even the gangs after 30 days. It will be unbelievable how hunger will change many people and make them killers. So even the gangs will have people hunting them down it the gangs have some food.

So Ghost there is no safe place.