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They are only hidden from those who chose not to see. The murders have already started, look at how many shootings by police are occurring. Whatever force is making them happen it is conditioning and practice for the police and the populous.

Here is one perspective: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-w-whitehead/police-military-equipment_b_4296948.html
“In addition to being an astounding waste of taxpayer money, this equipping of police with military-grade equipment and weapons also gives rise to a dangerous mindset in which police feel compelled to put their newly high-power toys and weapons to use. The results are deadly, as can be seen in the growing numbers of unarmed civilians shot by police during relatively routine encounters and in the use of SWAT teams to carry out relatively routine tasks. For example, a team of police in Austin, Texas broke into a home in order to search for a stolen koi fish. In Florida, over 50 barbershops were raided by police donning masks and guns in order to enforce barber licensing laws.”