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The problem is that even if there is some increase carbon dioxide we are not going to be able to stop that. China and India are producing the largest carbon dioxide in the world right now and they will not sign anything.

Also all the green product are really not green at all. To make the solar panels, batteries, or any other of the green products it take so much carbon dioxide to produce them that it is not really green.

Look at ethanol, to product it not only doe it take food from the world supply and money that the government gives the producers(which is our money) and to produce ethanol creates more carbon dioxide then gas.

Electric cars have the same problem were to produce them creates more carbon dioxide. So I do believe all the green my be the reason carbon dioxide is increasing world wide.

This is why you can see that all of the solar panels are made in China because they do not want the public to find out that to make a solar panel produces so much carbon dioxide.