All good points made here.
I believe i count as one of the ‘younger generation’ – born in the mid 80’s.

Re ‘true’ friends, I agree. I have no-one my age that i think would seek me out to save me. This said I know of 5-6 other friends I would trust with my life if they happened to be around me when TSHTF.
I have one true friend about twice my age (one of my ex-psychology professors from when I was at uni) who I would judge I have a “true-friend” relationship with.
I have my wife and father-in-law and my family I trust in the same way.

I am also clear about my ‘social-acquaintances'; those who’s company I enjoy from time to time, of these there are possibly 3 that i would put myself in danger for without even thinking about reciprocation (they might, I don’t know).

I utilize Social media for intel, and for appropriation. I have, (and indeed collect) people (in particular locals in the know, those with skills, and the grey/black market doorways) as social network ‘friends’. This means that I can put a message, request for info or items, question, or warning [if appropriate] out to a large group of individuals that i have some social capital with.

This approach has saved me time, money and needless irritation on many occasions and has also helped to position me within the web of the local social hierarchy [i even run a local community page to assist with this]. I try to be known for knowing things and helping people trouble-shoot any issues they have.