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There are times when it is a good thing that your children are grown and gone and on their own now. It is the grandchildren that are now at risk, but they live half a continent away and there is little I can do if all breaks loose. The other grandparents live right next door so she would be taken care of if they survived. In case they were all gone, my daughter has lined up a back up. Hopefully nothing disastrous happens, but in today’s world it is best to plan that it may.

What I wonder about more than who would take care of them, is how will they make it without the crutches that they are used to – iphones, TV, gaming, etc. That is all that a lot of kids know now. If you try to take them away, the kids are not doing well with that.

Another problem is that many kids will only eat fast food and junk food. Unless you have prepared them to eat from your storage, things could get rough with them.
There is also the self control and work ethics that they will need to know. So many today only want the fun and no work. What happens when the fun is gone and work – or at least doing without the fun – happens? If they don’t experience all this now and get used to it, and understand the time may come when the fun and games are over and it is time to grow up suddenly, they will have a difficult time at best, and unmanageable time at worst.

So many children today are completely outside the survival mode. They are at risk for that very reason. It isn’t good to scare them, but reality of possibilities can’t be hidden from them completely. The world isn’t the safe place it was a century ago. Was it safe then? Well, it was more stable at least.

As I said, it would be rough times. Without parents that they are used to, it will be even harder.

I don’t know if I would want to take on the responsibility of other people’s children at this time. If they were not well behaved and ready to be a productive part of the group, it just wouldn’t work for me. There will be enough to deal with if it all hits the fan. I am just being honest here. When they are stressed and acting out their anger and fears and frustrations because life isn’t like it always was, I would not have the patience to deal with them while trying to protect the property and people, do all the chores in a very hard manner, cook and provide for the family. Undisciplined children added to the mix would be over the top.