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I agree with the soap making. We do all our laundry soap and have done that for awhile. It is a great saving! It cleans just as well and I have stored up the ingredients so I have enough to last our lifetime – literally. Now I want the hand washing machine. We have an old water tank that I want my husband to convert into the kind I have seen on the websites and youtube where you agitate the clothes by hand using a lever. Then I invested in one of the small hand wringers and lots of clothesline and clothespins. With all that, I should be able to keep the clothes clean enough for who its for. US!!!

Now all I need is enough hours in the day to do the gardening, tend the chickens, can the produce, cook the meals and clean up afterwards, wash the clothes, and find time somewhere in the day/night to sleep when I don’t have to be on opsec. How long can this pace be kept up? I guess you do what you have to do when the time comes.