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Tweva, do you grow heirloom plants so you can harvest your own seeds and never run out of them? I have found that it isn’t difficult and once you find the varieties that you like, you are completely self sufficient with the vegetables. I am still experimenting to find the best vegetables to grow in my hot and humid climate. Summers are brutal so I can’t grow everything. I would love to grow rice so I will have to look into that.

My fruit trees are just babies and it will take some time to get really decent crops off them, but I have to start somewhere/sometime. Now is the time. My trees are about 2 years old and I don’t have enough harvest to can yet. I am so hoping that I can get a good sized amount next year. This year is a tough one. Our weather went from cold to warm to cold to hot to cold. Now it is warm again and we are definitely past any freezing, but it took a toll this year.

I would love to get out on more acreage. However, I am doing pretty well here, so I keep truckin’ on. My chickens are laying well – very well – and keeping me in manure. My well rotted horse manure is filling the bill while the chicken manure builds up. My chicken manure tea is all ready to use this year. That will make the garden grow like there is no tomorrow.

I completely agree with your method of eating and picking and choosing your food for simple meals. I have found that I choose recipes by the fewest ingredients prepared in the easiest way. I am always thinking of how I would cook something if SHTF. It has made me invest in sun ovens, lots of wood, cast iron cookware, etc.

Always having to think in advance and prep accordingly.