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This week finds me in the garden, tending to my veggies and herbs. I just planted a bunch of new stuff this week: chicory, black eyed peas, cucumbers, squash, Jelly Melons, okra, and beets. They are in the newly finished beds or in the beds that other stuff has vacated. Can’t wait to do some canning. My beans are growing, as are the tomatoes, herbs, asparagus, sweet potatoes, zucchini, red and white potatoes, peppers, Roselle, spinach, chard and herbs. I am still working on the outdoor canning kitchen. It is all enclosed and we are getting ready to do the concrete floor. We are debating whether to have it done for us or struggle through it ourselves. The lights have been installed, the propane gas is finished, and some of the outlets have been placed and are working.

That pretty much wraps up the week. I should be out doing my clearing of weeds in my unfinished beds and applying mulch, but I fell and hurt my toe that I just had surgery on! Bummer! So that has set me back this week and I have to wait a few days/weeks to get out of the fracture boot. Then I can hit it again. Meanwhile………..