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Selco Wrote:
Yes, it is bad sign. I completely agree here with Tsar. When things like this start to happen more and more it could be clear sign of bad things coming.
I saw things like this prior the collapse in my region, and yes it will be not about amount of the force, it will be about amount of the people who will lost the trust in the government. Events like this will speed up things and wake up people, government will be weaker and weaker, but in the same time more willing to take tough measures.

I know in the USSR (especially in the region my relatives lived in), towards the end of the 80s, when the Soviet Union was starting to get into some real trouble (the economy was severely stagnating, and confidence in the CPSU kept dropping), local party bosses exploited local nationalism’s, to the point of the NKAO region (Armenian region in the Azerbaijani SSR) voted to join the Armenian SSR without ANY approval what so ever from Moscow. For many reasons, the central government out of Moscow was not able to stop this, and it ended up sparking anti Armenian pogroms in Azerbaijan, which turned into a massive expulsion of Azeri’s from Armenia, which turned into a full blown war in the 90’s.

When towns and cities in the caucuses region started turning into war zones starting in 1988, a mental wall fell down for many people in the rest of the USSR, most people thought along the lines of

“But it could never happen here, not in our tolerant country!”

The spirit of rebellion spread. Soon everywhere from the Baltic’s to Central Asia was beginning to stand up to the Moscow government. Come 1991, the Soviet Superpower was a done with.

The process will likely play out a bit different here (for instance, even if people hate the federal government, I think there is still enough cultural ties between many people for some type of “new union” of multiple regions to emerge, though it will be smaller than what we have now.)

Just some thoughts I have. I think there are some cases where what happened to the USSR can help us figure out what might happen to the US.