Security officers and operatives have got the same rights as civilian in South Africa. Security may only search a person if the give person gives consent – otherwise police must be called in to search the person. But for example at a school, it will be written into the school policy that children and school bags will be searched without consent. Police may stop and search anybody or vehicle without search warrant.. Woman must body search woman.
Security can detain a suspect with minimal force and call the police to make the arrest. The police take a statement from the security officer. Except for police only Tracker – (tracks stolen and hijacked vehicle) may arrest suspects. They only hire ex –police personal.

Security, being access control guards, patrolling guards, armed response or cash and transit operatives may only shoot at a suspect if the suspect is putting his or someone else’s live in danger – already attacking. (Not might attack)
The law only recently changed toward shooting someone in the back while he is moving away from the shooter. You may now shoot if the attacker is moving towards someone else. Or driving towards other civilians in aggressive manner.
With almost every incident there will be a court case. Security companies have lawyers on speed dial.
Yesterday – during the day alone there was 3 armed robberies in area 5×5 km radius. One started in driveway. One inside a house and one delivery truck. Delivery trucks need to be accompanied by armed security. And that is why everybody need to pay more for products..
Police and security need to work together. They’ve got meetings once a month in every sector at police station. Security companies sometimes give police back up.. : )