You are right; the two extra long flanges are overly flashy and have bent slightly from time to time. Worst case scenario the tips might break of them in line with the shorter flanges.

I have ripped through the sides of steel filing cabinets and torn chunks out of firewood logs with this and it’s still going. The great thing is that it is already so ugly it would be hard to tell if there was anything ‘wrong’ with its shape! ;-)

Not sure how it might fare on polycarbonate riot type armor, or heavier steel plate (it wouldn’t pierce my own reproduction stuff, but would put minor dings in it).

This said, that is the beauty of a mace; it’s an impact weapon – so long as the force is transferred, any perforation or laceration is just a bonus.

Given it’s overall appearance, I have a (perhaps naive) hope that in lesser situations it might even prevent a fight simply by being seen. (Because the best fight is one you don’t have to have, and if you know you have to do violence (i wont call it a fight as that implies two people toe-to-toe) it should be quick, dirty, one-sided and unseen/unexpected IMHO)