Above, it is stated:
“the Church is supposed to stand firm and remind people…of God’s laws”, and

“The Church has become soft and is not standing firm on Gods laws”.   Gentlemen, these are accurate
comments but they describe what is happening in society, yes, even among us Christians.  But they should
not be ascribed to the Church in general. The Church has not changed its position……but……….certain Priests and Bishops have indeed taken things into their own hands.
Some segments of Vatican II were ambushed by a number of modernist theologians who managed to insert their ideas into the final documents and this has led to some very unfortunate results at the parish level world-wide.  Somewhere along the line priests and Bishops then got the idea that they could do their own interpretation of how things should be done, what was OK and not OK.  As a result, we have the “Church of nice” where orthodoxy is cast aside. Because so many are walking away from the faith worldwide God the Father, Jesus and His Mother, and even certain Saints are speaking directly to mankind all over the world, calling us back, pointing out the correct path. (Medjugorje in Bosnia,  Anguera, Brazil, Garabandal, Spain, several in USA) We need to pay attention, discern,  and respond while there is still time.  Yesterday’s action at Harvard re: the black mass provides us all with an example of how we Christians should be standing up to evil and pushing back. It worked very well.

This, for your consideration, from our Spiritual Mother,  speaking in Ohio:
Feast of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace,  May 8, 2014

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Grace and She has roses falling from Her Hands. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am never sent to earth without many graces to pass along to My children. So it is today, I bring you the grace of My Presence and the grace of this Message. Choose to listen to Me, your Heavenly Mother.”

“The world has been given many graces, but has chosen through arrogance, to fracture the relationship between the heart of man and God. Therefore, many graces are being withheld during these times, such as a keen ability to discern good from evil, sound and righteous leadership, and unity in righteousness. Even the grace of this Mission is being overshadowed by these errors based upon pride. People are confused and misled to such a degree that they do not recognize the Truth when it stands before them, such as I stand here today.”
“More and more decadent moral decisions are being made by governments which pull the heart of the world deeper into the abyss of darkness. There is no regard for God’s Will or His Commandments. Mankind has been tricked into thinking his own importance outweighs God’s Law.”
“Due to this convoluted and twisted thinking, God withholds much of His Protection against evil and much of His Provision in nature This is why those of My children who walk in the Light of Truth feel such a sense of uneasiness.”

“Know that My Heart remains your humble Refuge and seek My Protection in any given moment. Pray that God graciously permits My continued visits here.”  http://www.holylove.org