Just like the doctors in South Africa gain a lot of experience in very short time- the police and private security get a lot of experience. Being shot at and shooting at suspects very very often. There is a few very good police men left in various units, like the dog unit. But unfortunately the overall police are not very good or effective. The criminal has got more rights than the police. They are not trained or equipped very well – sorry to say. Sometimes their heart is in the right place. The dog units struggle with dogs that want to attack the black officers or the other way around. Or black police woman that points firearms straight into their partners back while searching for a suspect.
Without private security there will be anarchy in South Africa. The smaller security companies are more effective. You always need to get a local opinion for a good company in that specific area.
Apartheid laws has been gone for 20 years. The white people in South Africa work very hard for what they’ve got. Paying up to 45% tax on their salaries. Most cultures stay together – that will not change, simply because it is natural. Indian people stay and work together. There are Chinese neighborhoods. And all the indigenous groups like Zulu, Xhosa as well. Farms that has been taken from whites has been destroyed within a year or two. They will take the corrugated iron from the roof and built a shack instead. Not simply staying in the house. Black people have been given houses in our area. The windows are now broken, the area littered. Nigerians are selling drugs and the neighbouring houses being broken into. Homeless Zimbabwean people pour into the country on daily basis. They are willing to work hard and in the process take the jobs from local people that tend to belong to unions that strike twice a year. Limpopo and Gauteng is just below Zimbabwe. (Cape Town is at the very bottom of the continent)

The Western Cape is safer than Gauteng. In that You Tube video they say Cape is most dangerous – not true. I’ve stayed there for 5 years without fear to go jogging on the beach or riding horse in the mountains. My friends still lives there. They do not go into black or colored areas. White people from Gauteng is moving to the Cape province because there is less crime. Again – nobody prevents black or colored people from buying in areas where white people stay. It is actually the opposite. Banks are not allowed to give house loans for white people to buy houses in neighborhoods where mostly white people live. There are less than 10% white people left in South Africa. White people now tend to have one or two children. Black people have about four children. (They’ve got more than one wife) The schools in this area has recently been forced by law to have certain percentage black scholars. The government does not even support the schools financially. Many parents simply took their children to private schools that we ourselves started. In South Africa you need to do things yourself – and white people tend to make a plan and adjust. You cannot afford to have your child stabbed with a knife or going to school feeling unsafe. Black children in an Afrikaans speaking school? They simply force the school to change the language to English.
Till today black people like eating their mielie pap (maize meal) with their hands. People do not realize that African black people have their own unique culture. Less than 200 years ago, they were running in the grasslands with animal skins tied around their waist. Hunting for their food with assegaai – stick with pointy knife. They did not know how to write or read. Had no books or boats. Were not even riding the zebra’s. They killed each other by hand – looking the other in the eye while doing it.