We get it. You hate coal plants, the people who own coal plants, the investors in the coal plants, people who make money, companies who make money and the alleged cozy relationship between government officials and the plant owners..

You said this —> “So naturally the existing energy companies want as little regulation of their industry as possible so they can keep making more money. They also don’t want some upstart solar or wind companies edging in on their racket.”

My rebuttle:

1. There is nothing wrong with making money. Companies that don’t make money aren’t around very long. You don’t found a company in order to lose money. That’s just stupid.

2. The reason wind and solar haven’t gotten any traction is because there’s no money in it. Developing those technologies is breathtakingly expensive and offer very little in returns. It is the equivalent of dumping your money down a very deep hole.

3. The War on Coal was started in order to make coal-powered plants so expensive to operate that solar and wind look pretty good in contrast. This is extortion by the EPA and our own Government, no different from some Mob enforcer coming to your store and demanding protection money or “something unfortunate might happen”.

Here… read this. Pretty good recap of the War on Coal.


Then, you say this –> “Just as naturally the solar and wind companies see all the money to be made satisfying people’s desire for cleaner energy. Or at least to feel better about themselves while they continue to play the same consumerist game. It’s not like the solar and wind companies really care about the environment or clean energy, corporations can’t have a morality when they have outside investors with no stake in the survival of the company. Well, they do, but it’s just to maximize profits.”

1. “People’s desire” for cleaner energy? What “people”? All I care about is if the lights come on when I flick the switch and my electric bill is affordable. The current boondoggle/swindle going on out west with the Bundy ranch and those stinkin turtles, along with the Chinese, and Dirty Harry using the BLM as a bunch of enforcer goons proves that “clean” energy is just as much a snow-job as anything the government gets involved in…

2. “Feel better about themselves”? You mean it’s a self-esteem issue? Self-esteem is a piss-poor substitute for self respect.

3. Again, maximizing profits. Companies are in business to make money. I got no heartburn with that and I have no idea who started this happy horseshit about making money being bad. The same unwashed hippie wannabe’s who crab, ***** and agitate about “social justice” because they chose some stupid non-marketable degree like “Marketing” or “African Studies” would change their tune in a heartbeat if they actually had a JOB. Not my fault they chose poorly when it came to getting a college degree. Like my old daddy told me “Boy? The world needs ditch-diggers too..”

4. Since the War on Coal was declared, power companies have been throwing older power plants under the bus in an effort to get the EPA off their asses. It has been a war of attrition. The EPA ratchets up the pressure, the power companies decide which plants to save and which to sacrifice to the Almighty God of Government so they can stay in business a few more years. Lather, rinse, repeat. Your picture of coal plant owners schmoozing with politicians in order to make shattering amounts of money is untrue and I’m calling you on it. Right now in my Commonwealth, thanks to the war on coal, we’ve lost several power plants already, over 5,000 people have lost their jobs in Eastern Kentucky, several mine closures have occurred and my electric bill has gone up to compensate for that… thanks to the Government and their EPA enforcer goons, the overall economy of my Commonwealth is even worse shape than ever, and the economy of the Appalachia region is completely shattered… HOW does this make power companies MORE money? Please explain.

Both sides want to control the markets they pillage so they can squeeze out all the pennies they can without interference.

Yeah, so? This nonsense all got started back under the Original Progressive, Teddy Roosevelt. You would want one company with a proven track record of doing good business, efficient business to control one market, or millions of little ones that require battalions of inspectors and enforcers to make sure they’re complying with the government’s mandates? Someone has to pay for all that…

What we really need is a completely new energy game – a more distributed energy grid. One that is more spread out among the areas that use it. Centralizing those things only helps the corporations to control the money flow, it certainly doesn’t make it more efficient or stable at delivering power to peoples houses.

Erm… huh? What? I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about here… a “more distributed” energy grid? Not to be snarky, but I’ve tried to envision what that would look like – or even what you think it looks like – and I can’t do it…

“Spread out”? You mean people farther away from the power plants that supply them power? Yeah, that’s not gonna work out too well. See, you still need copper power lines to carry the electricity. Just can’t shoot it through the air just yet.. Farther away the power plants are, the cost goes up. If The Power Company is supplying a region with “X” power, and you move your plant farther away, that means more power lines, which drives up cost (you don’t expect the company to just eat the cost of more power lines, do you? Heh..) or thicker power lines to make up for the increased distance and resistance… or maybe both. Then there’s transportation of fuel to run the plant. Got to build more rail line, which increases costs… And you’re gonna have to pay people more in order to entice them to work at a plant that’s farther from where they live… You think the power company is gonna eat all these increases? Either way, it’s gonna drive up costs. And that will make people very unhappy.

And actually, having a power plant close by is more efficient than one far away… not so sure about “stable” and I don’t know what you mean by this… you will have to explain…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1