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Corporations with public shareholders don’t have political associations besides greed. The whole point of incorporating a company is to try and game the system so the owners can keep more of the money they cheat and steal from their victims…er, “customers”. It only seems like corporations politic because of the agendas of the politicians they buy. They are just trying to further their business interests by getting lawmakers to write laws which favor them and not their competition – or worse laws that protect them from their own wrongdoing.

So naturally the existing energy companies want as little regulation of their industry as possible so they can keep making more money. They also don’t want some upstart solar or wind companies edging in on their racket.

Just as naturally the solar and wind companies see all the money to be made satisfying people’s desire for cleaner energy. Or at least to feel better about themselves while they continue to play the same consumerist game. It’s not like the solar and wind companies really care about the environment or clean energy, corporations can’t have a morality when they have outside investors with no stake in the survival of the company. Well, they do, but it’s just to maximize profits.

Both sides want to control the markets they pillage so they can squeeze out all the pennies they can without interference.

What we really need is a completely new energy game – a more distributed energy grid. One that is more spread out among the areas that use it. Centralizing those things only helps the corporations to control the money flow, it certainly doesn’t make it more efficient or stable at delivering power to peoples houses.



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