I know this is a debate for some but climate change is a fact 97% of scientists agree upon but only 55% of people believe in.

Regardless where people stand in this debate, it is a serious concern for many areas and even if not, it makes sense to prepare for the probability that those 97% of scientists are right. Peer reviewed studies and meta studies (studies about studies) are as close as we can get to the truth right now and climate change has been researched by scientists from all over the world so believing that all those studies are manipulated due to their study design and what is tested…. is a bit of a stretch in my opinion.

Anyway, I doubt there will be global streams of refugees because right now we can also keep (more or less) economic refugees in their countries so I think this won’t change. Maybe more people from Mexico in the US but Indians in Canada? Not sure why they would go there. (Even though Canada is an awesome country of course)

Did they elaborate this point a bit?

Anyway, there are plenty of studies for specific areas and when I googled for my area and climate change I came across some very detailed and also peer reviewed research that lays out what changes I can expect. Google Scholar is a great search engine for research papers.

I prepare accordingly but at the end of the day everyone has to decide what they want to prepare for. I don’t know about the political side of this and I don’t really care. For me climate change and the droughts that will come with it for my area are part of my preparations, if this does not happen, even better. :)

Just means I have a bit too much water and not too little. If anyone feels like it, I would like to hear more about why some people do not want to believe in climate change. I know Al Gore made this one movie (but I dont know why this matters). Is climate change used as a reason to push some political agenda?

If it is just to make people look out better for their environment, then I wouldnt know whats bad about it.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")