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Excellent points to consider. Thanks Tom. To echo Selco’s point I’ve seen (particularly in the military) men with great skills panic and add a lot of risk for themselves and others. How does one prepare not to panic?

In addition to (or perhaps instead of?) experience, i would say knowledge and practice.
1. Learn the rule of 3 and other survival maxims that you can mentally review if you are in trouble.
2. Stop and assess your assets before your do anything; tally everything you have including your knowledge, and what your knowledge will allow you to acquire or create.
3. To make point 2 more effective, practice the skills you will need before time so you have the muscle memory and training to KNOW that you can succeed at making a shelter or a fire for example.
The worst time to find out just how much work it is to make a fire with a bow drill is when you need it most ;-)

Remember: People don’t rise to the occasion, they fall to their highest level of training.