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Hi all –

Late to the conversation, and this is not true ‘stealth walking’  but one thing that I did learn when studying sword arts and related topics from a fine old gentleman decades ago. He said that one of the things that true ninja learned, in blending in with crowds ( what we now call ‘being the gray man’ ) – was learning to control our walking pace. He showed us that most of us have a normal / natural walking pace, but that if we wished to be unobserved we must be able to walk or shuffle slowly if the people around us are elderly or just slow moving, sightseeing, etc. With a younger group, or people moving toward the bus or subway or trains, we should arrange our pace to flow with them.  According to our master, the ninja did not go about wearing black outfits, masks and hoods when they were scouting a mission or in some cases, even if they were about to assassinate a target; rather, they would remain hidden in a crowd, dressing and behaving like everyone else – no outstanding characteristics, no furtive movement. Natural and calm, he said that if the ninja had to strike in daylight, he would perform his task, then without hurry or panic, simply disappear into the masses or the surroundings.

Just a thought I wanted to share.