It’s not that those corkscrew lightbulbs that suck exist is what’s eating me… it’s that we are being forced to use them. We should have the option of opting out of using them, if we want.

I find it darkly funny (I find lots of things darkly funny) that the Almighty Government has forced us to use those sucky corkscrew lightbulbs. Those sucky lightbulbs contain mercury. Not much per bulb, but when you multiply them by the hundreds of millions in the US, it adds up fast.

Contrast this with the very same Government – the EPA – ratcheting up the pressure, reinterpreting their own stinkin rulings when it comes to coal fired power plants. See, each ton of coal has a small amount of mercury in it. About the size of a sugar cube per metric ton of coal. The Government says that this must be controlled and contained. Failure to do so is unacceptable. And coal plants are being forced out of business because the cost of controlling this infinitesimal amount of mercury would be exorbitant…

But the very same elemental mercury in all those suck-ass corkscrew lightbulbs is okay for some reason…

And I just read last week that not only do those suck-ass corkscrew lightbulbs contain mercury, they also use just as much electricity, if not more, than standard incandescent bulbs… so there is no net gain from using them whatsoever… those poor polar bears and other cute cuddly critters… what will they do?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1