The Algore types who are baying about “global warming” or “climate change”… well, most of them are useful idiots. The ones who aren’t useful idiots are the ones who stand to make breathtaking amounts of money brokering “carbon credits”… like Algore himself.

Average temperature of the earth, right now, is about 54F.

In the past, long before humans, the average temperature was about 76F. How do we know? Because there were thick forests occupying Greenland, that’s how. And often, folks will completely ignore the Little Ice Age which lasted about 500 years… our current window of “nice” weather has only been around since about 1850… an eyeblink of time.

Bottom line is that yes, the climate of the earth is changing. But then, it always has been, no matter what anyone does or whether humans were around or not. I very much doubt switching to those corkscrew lightbulbs that suck will do anything to “save” the polar bears or some other cute and cuddly photogenic critter…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1