The main reason why there are no “new” antibiotics is because there is no profit in it.

Folks, meaning the pig-ignorant public, want medicines to allow them to keep on living their hedonistic lifestyle and not having to pay the piper for their poor decisions.

You like overeating and are in danger of being morbidly obese? Here, take this pill that will cause you to lose weight without changing your eating habits.

You like sleeping around and are a degenerate sodomite? Here, take this pill that will cure whatever creeping crud/HIV/AIDS you contracted by being a sodomite.

You like sleeping around and don’t want to get pregnant? Here, take this pill that will kill your newborn in utero. I mean, who needs a kid around cramping your style? Amirite?

Big Pharma looks at us… I mean really looks at us. Not only why we’re dropping dead, but our lifestyles. People want to enjoy a life free from any guilt or responsibility and are willing to pay anything to make that happen… so, Big Pharma puts the resources behind finding new pills to sell us to let us live that hedonistic lifestyle. And they make shattering amounts of money doing it.

I’m not opposed to anyone making money. I like money. A lot. I wish I had more. But Big Pharma is only catering to us and supplying us what we ask for…

New antibiotics that will kill the superbugs? Boring. No superbug, no money in it. If people aren’t dropping like flies from some new Uber-crud come shambling out of the darkest ******** in Africa, they won’t mess with it. Until they have to. And by then? Well…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1