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“We here have something like completely opposite situation. Antibiotics are given very often without any real need and professional assessment.<br>
First reason is of course incompetent medical professionals ( and some stress from the uneducated folks ), but also huge reason is pressure from the pharmaceutical company on medical system to spend drugs THEY want to be spent.

In any case, not good situation.”

This is the methodology we had in the past. At least it is what we are told. There is always a back channel reason for everything it seems and I have no doubt there is this as well.

People are just in the way of everything. Like the new pain killer Zohydro. Since it is effective people want to ban it from use because it might be abused as a narcotic. Well if your in pain and need relief then you need the medicine. Some jerk that never had a headache wants you to live in pain because some drug addict might steal some and get high. Makes no sense.