Far fetched? I hope so. I really do.

I have had zero confidence in justice since the 80s. And trust the alphabet agencies even less.

Nothing they do surprises me. Concerns me? More than you can dream.

Having been part of the thin blue line, I know that your rank and file officer hates the .gov and what they do as much as you do. Perhaps more being caught in the middle,  trying to balance the entirety of the job with what tptb are doing.

The .gov is corruption incarnate, of that we are sure, but that doesn’t always reach down to every level or individual.

And there lies the problem, do we lump everyone together who works for every .gov agency? Or is it more selective, regardless of whos more corrupt? Or just start focusing on the individuals?

Do we throw out the entire dozen eggs because of one bad one? Do we blame all preppers/survivalist/patriots because of a couple of extremists?

And back to the wildest nightmares, my worst involves my kids having to fight because I didn’t do my part. Sometimes because I didn’t do something,  sometimes because I did. There’s a time to fight, and knowing when and where is imperative.  Theres also a time to stand back and let things fall apart

Realistically,  we are on the same side, we just lay blame differently and whom to blame.