I would be happy with making “qualified immunity” go away. Some other stuff too. Police being held to different standards, just because they are “police”. A “LEO” can, if he or she feels their lives are being “threatened” or “endangered”, shoot and kill someone. A citizen doing the same thing often ends up arrested and thrown down a dark hole until his “trial”.

The only difference that I can see – and someone point out where I am wrong, please… I’m begging ya here! – the only difference I can see is that citizens can effect arrests for a felony, while “LEO’s” can effect an arrest for a felony and a misdemeanor.

It goes to “delegation of power”. See, we humble citizens delegate power to others to act in our stead so that we can lead our lives. We delegate power to politicians to make laws and deal with other countries because, let’s face it, we just do not have the time to do that. Or possibly the inclination. I have no desire to be a politician, but I do recognize the need for someone to deal with other countries, etc, so I delegate someone to do that and act in my name.

It’s the same with “police”. Since one cannot possess that which has not been given, and since all power stems from the citizenry, it logically stands to reason that the police have no power that we citizens do not already possess. By delegating them to act in our stead – dealing with bad guys, etc. – that in no way diminishes or negates our power or authority to use it. It merely gives them permission to act in our stead and draw a paycheck from the State (“the State” here means city, county, state, commonwealth, Feds, etc).

BUT, we have fallen for the line of bilge – the propaganda fed to us every day – that “police” are some sort of race of Avenging Angles sent from On High with super powers us mere mortals do not and cannot ever hope to possess.

They’re not. They are citizens the same as you and I are, often possessing only a mere High School diploma and not much else. They exist to serve society at large, at our pleasure. They should not be afforded any special treatment simply because they do a job for us that we do not want to do. They volunteered to do that job. It’s not the Army. They can quit if they don’t like it. (Take the ownership of automatic weapons. Any Sheriffs deputy can own a select-fire weapon simply by flashing his credentials. No tax. No year-long background check by the FBI or BATF. No nothing… contrast that with the average citizen…)

What was originally intended by Sir Robert Peel to be the caretakers and servants of the citizenry has become the private army of – enforcers as ruthless as any Mob goombah – those politicians in power. Their purpose is now to extort funds from the citizenry and so enrich those in power, and expansion of their own power. Witness the saying “I don’t make the law. I just enforce it.”

Yeah. The Nazis, Russian communists, the Chinese, Pol Pot, Mao, and every tin-pot banana republic dictator also made up **** that was “legal” and needed tin-star “enforcers” to inflict that **** on the innocent. They seem to think that some scribble by a political thug or dictator has automatic legitimacy and that inflicting it “enforcing it” on the citizenry automatically absolves them of any guilt whatsoever… “I was just following orders” didn’t work in 1946 as a legal defense and it won’t work now.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1