Thank you, Malgus. That will certainly work. By adding some features to normal security doors, I might just start a new trend ! Mmm We really are thinking more towards middle ages ‘The word portcullis comes from the Old French porte-coleice, meaning sliding door.’ We need to take our friends and family, buy a piece of land and build a castle
Castle Defences
– got a son in primary school. hehe

Robin, I do have one adjustable door brace. Good idea ! It works with a key. We’ve got to many doors leading outside. So it its permanently guarding one door. Have not seen it in shops on this side -should try and get more. I know people use broomsticks to prevent sliding doors from being opened. Placing them horizontally in the ridge on the floor, between the wall and the closed door. A rubber door stopper or even thick loose carpet does a good job as well.