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There really is no excuse for the way they treated me. I understand making sure I was unarmed, they really do not know my intentions. But to blatantly ignore me when I offered a simple no brainer solution, that is reprehensible.

This is not my first time dealing with what passes for law enforcement around here. I know they treat everyone like they are some sort of arch criminal. It only took me about 1 second to access the situation decide how to react. Once I saw that I was dealing with a large group of officers I knew I was not dealing with someone capable of making a rational decision. I was dealing with a mob with a mob mentality. And this mob was armed and dangerous and bored and looking for it’s next adrenaline rush.

I decided that discretion was the greater part of valor and presented myself as unoffensive as possible. I refused to give them any excuse to get their jollies at my expense.

I am going to see if I can work something out with the police chief next week so they know when they roll up on me that what I do looks suspicious, but I am breaking no laws. Part of my job is to break in to houses to re-key the locks and install a lock box to allow access for the bank.