Oh look, another anecdote about roided up thugs itching to get in some stick time or an excuse to play with the shiny toys the city gives them…

I can’t believe you guys are rationalizing this away with “oh well, there’s good and bad in every profession”… these guys literally possess the power to be judge, jury and executioner under color of law. And you all are cool with “there’s good and bad in every group”?

There should BE NO BAD in a group like this… that’s what screening applicants is for, psychological testing, etc. One or two sneak through in a group of thousands, like in a department the size of LAPD? Okay, I can buy that. But there’s way, way too many incidents of citizens being abused and killed at the hands of these guys for it to be “an isolated incident”… hogwash.

Anytime I have an encounter with a member of The Brotherhood, I comply with his commands, but other than that?

– No polygraph
– No statement
– No waiver
– I do not consent to anything.
– I want a lawyer.

And I really don’t give a flying f*&k if my actions “appear suspicious”… Calm the hell down, Beretta. Go get your drug sniffing dog, whose “alert posture” is a blank stare, I really could care less… tear my truck apart on the flimsiest of made-up justifications. You will find nothing, and I got nothing but time. I will watch you effing FAIL with glee… and I will smirk in your fat effing facist face as you let me go…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1