Thank you White Knight : ) While most parts off the world is preparing for natural disasters or a third world war, we prepare ourselves to be attacked while sleeping at home or to stay calm during an armed robbery at a shopping center.
We look at the news and wait for the day when the chaos happening close by, might just not stop after a few days ..and spread to a wider and wider area. Alexandria – a very big township in Gauteng, was burning since our election with people from BFF party looting shops and attacking people supporting ANC.

Tonight my brother stopped next to the road. One black man was busy hitting another with a brick- smashing his head. Got an ambulance out and cable tied the other till the police arrived. We do try to keep our areas safe … stay away from bad areas.

Most houses and hallways made from bricks and is very strong. hehe Malgus, the first thing that popped into my head was the cages they use on farms and game reserves to catch leopard (to put tracking collars on) With a trigger on the floor that unhook the sliding door that drops from the top. Long time ago, I wanted to show a school friend my pet buffalo and we walked past a cage that wasn’t there before. We peeked in, just to step back so quickly we landed on our backsides. A leopard caught earlier was in the cage. Dart still stuck in the bum.

Going to have to figure out how to prevent the door from being lifted after being triggered – then we’ve got ourselves a trap! But it will be a case of luck. If they do get into the house, it means they’ve used tools to cut the burglar bars at the security door. Or used a vehicle wheel jack to bent it open. Still good idea to play with..

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