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I, too, have been considering this. Some of my members are spread out and I want to be able to contact them immediately. Never mind an EMP attack… have you ever been at a concert and tried to send a message? Too much traffic. I fear that the sudden uptick in traffic that a disaster will undoubtedly bring might jam up the systems, especially in the city. I could be wrong here… but I’m not going to bet something so valuable on the oh-so-beloved cell phone.

I have looked at both. I know people who are Ham radio operators, and I will be seeking their advice soon. I think the pros and cons are as follows, in my opinion.

Satellite Phone

Pros: Relatively small. Portable. Easy to protect with a Faraday Cage. User-friendly.

Cons: Cost. Only temporary reliability after shtf. Could be blocked by govt?? (Not sure)

Ham Radio

Pros: Potentially unlimited use after shtf, access to information! No third party required. Can be cheap and adaptable. It is extremely difficult for the govt to jam.

Cons: Takes up more space, weight. Learning curve. Operators license might make you a target for a hostile entity??

I like the HAM radio of the two thus far, personally. I will report back after contact my HAM buddies for an expert opinion.