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Well I am at a normal laptop so can answer better Freedom. Being the age I am with joint injuries I am only interested in learning the art of stealth to the best of my abilities/time. Mostly stealth walking. Ninjitsu I believe did not start out as a ‘martial art’ but rather as a military training. Now I guess there are all sorts of forms of Ninjitsu with various names practiced as martial arts. This elderly man (you would never know how old he really is) I met through a friend (her father) when we decided to get our fathers together (mine recently moved in with us). He is old school and does not think of the newly developed schools well from what I can tell. I got a long better with him then my father. We got to talking (he is from Japan and speaks pretty good English) about the world and why I lived in the countryside and well one thing led to another and he agreed to show me/teach a few how to do stealth walking and learn to be more stealthy with all the other things you usually move on to like stealth crawling, but not using silent weaponry etc.

I will ask him if I might make a video of next class maybe for you.

First watch this short video from a master in Japan. Pay attention around the 1:00 mark when he briefly describes the power food of ancient ninjas and how it was made. I thought that was fascinating.

I looked a bit on the web and here is the best one I found showing what I am talking about. Same dude has like 20 some other videos I noticed on other things that would be useful to know when SHTF.

A very short one by another is: http://www.howcast.com/videos/505960-How-to-Walk-Silently-Ninjutsu-Lessons. That is how he began us with walking, although he gets more detailed with every class, covering different surfaces, terrains etc with each one. But this is basic idea for you.

I think if you watch a few and start practicing yourself you will see it is not as easy as you would think! And, you can end of breathing hard as it can take more effort than you think to move slowly in a controlled manner.

BTW I noticed in the side bar a video (actually two in the series) on Tactical Hand Signals which we all have been working on learning for silent communication. Reminded me. Maybe I’ll put it in a separate post with links to those for people.

HTH – try stealth walking – much harder than you think.