Hey Leopard,

Good to hear from you again… and glad that you are still in good health.

Question: Why don’t you put in a booby trap? Not anything which will hurt/maim/kill the intruders. Just trap them. If you have a long hallway, set up two heavy wire cage doors, one at each end. Reinforce the hallway so they cannot kick or dig their way out. A simple electric eye setup, similar to the gizmo for a garage door opener – that electric eye that keeps the door from shutting on your car? – can be rigged to set off the booby trap. Bad guys walk down the hall, trip the electric eye and WHAM! Both sliding steel cage doors slam down and lock.

A guy here in the states did this awhile back. I remember reading about it. Only he was a bad guy and the guys he trapped were two FBI guys.. :) He rigged a stairway in the house – completely home-made. Two agents made their way up the stairs and halfway up BAM!! Two cage doors slammed shut, trapping them there for quite a long time.

Just turn one of your hallways into a reinforced box so they can’t get out up, down, left or right.

Then sit back with a nice adult beverage, watching them on CCTV and call the police… you could even put in an intercom system to taunt them while they wait for the cops.. :)

Could be fun.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1