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WhiteKnight, It is like riding a motorcycle when you first ride you are very careful then after a year you start riding faster and that is when it happens, you hit something.

So what I am getting at is that real life war is not paintball, I am not going to go after you like in paintball. In a SHTF I may wait all day for the right shot and you will not even see me. There will be many like me, hunting all day, waiting for the deers to come there way.

You get shot one time and it is over, there is no paint in my shots. I think about this all the time since my son does the paintball too. It is not the real thing.

The real problem is in a SHTF there will be many like me out there so I will not be moving around much. To many hunters out there.

So that is what I think about paintball. So you may think you are good riding that motorcycle but you are only riding a bike.

A paintball rifle doesn’t handle like a rifle or even a hand gun.

Now I think you need to start going to the range and shoot the rifle.