Look, eugenics predates the rise of National Socialism. They adopted it, not the other way around. It goes all the way back to Plato. It was practiced by Rome, Athens, Sparta… in modern times, the idea was refined by Sir Francis Galton, with support from none other than Charles Darwin himself. Charles Davenport, a scientist, took it mainstream 30 years before anyone ever heard of National Socialism or a little Austrian Corporal named Adolph…

We breed all sorts of animals for desirable traits – coloration, strength, size, speed, intelligence, musculature, etc. Humans are not exempt from this just because we are self-aware. And, as much as you don’t like hearing it, we have been practicing eugenics for thousands of years on our own, as I explained earlier.

What I think you dislike is the Almighty State meddling in it as a formal policy. Hence, your pejoratives.

However, I find it again darkly funny that most folks who have serious issues with the Almighty State meddling with eugenics as a formal policy have absolutely no problem with the Almighty State providing for the stupid, the sick, the weak, the “underprivileged”, etc, as a formal policy, which is the exact same thing as eugenics, except in reverse.

By providing for the stupid, the sick, the weak, etc, you ensure their survival so they can pass on their undesirable traits and, since the low and mediocre will always outnumber the outstanding, it will also ensure that there are huge numbers of low and mediocre and very few outstanding.

It’s called “regression towards the mean”. And it’s what is happening to us right now.

Folks think that there are thousands, if not millions, of Miltons and Einsteins in pauper’s graveyards all over the world and they wail “if they only had a chance”. Yeah, well, that very subject has been studied. Turns out, it’s a fallacy. Most times, if you are born stupid and poor, marry stupid and poor, then your kids will be stupid and poor. Equality at the point of a bayonet negates this temporarily, but remove the bayonet and things quickly shake out very closely to what they were before the bayonet ever showed up…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1