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Freedom it is one of the first things taught in Ninja training  -shadow steps – part of learning stealth walking or I think if I can spell it right krage ninjitsu. Now I don’t have the time or body at my age to study ninja ways fully, but I want to learn the art of stealth walking in particular around my place and stealth in general. God knows I know the ‘tactical advantages’ of being taken by surprise. I met the elderly father of a friend who has study Ninga way under a master for many years. He is bored living in country with daughter and agreed to have class here at my place as have different surfaces, terrain etc and is private.

Class, except for me and 2 others – 8 are hunters! Today he placed one of us in the barn (animals turned out) and closed it and the task was to see how close you could get to that person one at a time (different people/chnaged in barn person) Knowing the sounds of my own barn was an advantage…I could tell by a change in air current that someone had entered the barn..which was the only reason I  was not freaked/surprised when he tapped me on back of shoulder. I did not hear him over the gravel, wood or concrete.

Another lesson working on is how to follow behind someone over diff terrain n surfaces without being detected by matching our footfall with theirs so any mistakes made the person followed thinks was them n takes no notice. Classes are 2 weeks apart and he/instructor said he will know if we have been seeious and practicing and if not he reserved right to ask a student to leave  no waste energy on them. Tmrw will try n post some more info on dumb tablet now. I also practice walking ard here in dark when I remember so I always can s3nse or know where I am if needed in future. Definitely makes u more aware of yr surroundings.