tentative organization as it stands now is the family matriarch will be leader when it comes to delegating jobs, etc. She is an outstanding organizer and can read people very well. She is adept at picking the right people for the job. She is moral, fair and practical. She will be in charge, except when it comes to things tactical. my father is too aged to be war captain, so that falls to me. Similar to the old american indian model. You have a chief for peacetime and a war captain whose word is absolute when it comes to fighting.

My second is my sister’s husband. He is ex-military as well, but doesn’t have as much on the ground experience as I do. He’s a good man though. Smart, thinks on his feet. And that’s enough.

As much as I love this Republic, this will not be a democratic republic… we cannot afford such luxuries.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1