matt, everybody…

I want you all to think about about this…

Why would NGO’s, etc, fight so hard against things like “stand your ground” and the castle doctrine?

I think because they know who it is committing violent crimes and who their targets are… giving the targets the tools needed to defend themselves isn’t popular with the groups committing the crimes.

But, they couldn’t stop Stand Your Ground or the Castle Doctrine.

However, now we find out that some douche is pushing for EBT recipients to be able to buy guns with their Free **** Cards…

What you have to ask yourselves is
1) who are the main recipients of EBT cards and
2) why are they pushing so that they can buy guns with their cards?

To me, it seems someone wants to start a war… DHS is up-arming. Billions of rounds of ammo. Tanks, helicopters, weps-capable drones, precision rifles, automatic weapons… and not all the ammo is standard issue. They’re buying ’06, 7.62 Russian, 30-30, 44 mag, etc, which is a whole nother issue in and of itself… conservatives and libertarians have seen this and are also up-arming. Since Obongo took office, something like 100 million guns have been sold, with a comparable amount of ammo. The only ones not up-armed are folks like, say.. .oh… EBT card recipients?

Take nothing at face value, and always question the phony-baloney reasons they give for something…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1