Maglus ,

MRE = Meals Refused by Ethiopians

I have eaten MRE’s , they remind me of a public school cafeteria in the 1970s  crossed with a bad TV dinner , Foreign ones are better , not as processed , but if I had to choose an MRE , it would be the LRRP freeze dried over the standard crapola . Even then , it would be swimming in hot sauce after awhile .

As a southwesterner , I grew up with hot sauce and chili everything , not to have it is painful to us . That is one thing I stock up on in bulk , from nuclear habanaro sauces , to classic tabasco , to the mexican varieties . Then there is chili powder of every shade of red and brown , from sweet and mild , to ass burner . But it does make almost any food your stuck with edible . Curry is another one in the right situation , I like the flavor but cant stand the smell , so I stick to chili .