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It had to be PBS News! First you really have to real into what he is saying, like “Food production was booming because of free market incentives that let farmers privately sell some of their crops.” Booming? and what is a free market incentive? and then he says farmers privately sell SOME of their crops? Why not all there crops? So the government is letting them sell some but taking 99% of the rest! That is not capitalism to me. Also are they letting the farmer own his land? I don’t think so.

Then he says “Every family still received a subsidized ration book from the government.” OK so EVERY FAMILY? So every one is on government control of what you get to eat? And if you do not like the government do they still give you the same food subsidizes as everyone else? I don’t think so.

In the video were though box TV’s that we are not using anymore?

All the Cuban business man are in Miami, Florida. The Cubans that are in Cuba are not business people. The Castro’s know this. Castro’s know if they let the U.S. boycott be lifted the Cuban’s in Miami would take over in a year to two. We would go in and take control with the businesses we would bring in.

Castro’s do not want that, they are Dictators that want to stay in control. There is no personal properties in Cuba, the Government owns everything. I have a family member that spent 28 years in jail for talking about Capitalism! Freedoms! and Personal property. They feed him bread and water, some times rice for 28 years. They broke 4 of his ribs and let them there in jail never helping him. He is luck he didn’t die. He told me that the night that were cold they would have them take there cloth off and hose them down so they would get cooled. Many of his friends in jail died.

Raul Castro has let the farmers sell a small amount of food to the public not because he is a good man, it’s because he is losing some control if there is not enough food. The people will take it from the government stores.

The Castro’s are in there 80’s so I will see what will happen soon.