Couple things.

1. I know our admin guys, they haven’t pulled their rifles out in years and don’t handle hot calls. They have them because they won’t bring them in for conversion, the cool factor.

Being “cool” isn’t a legitimate reason to have access to an automatic weapon. You can’t have one set of standards for one group and another set for another group. Period. Otherwise, it breeds discontent, anger, sneering resentment, “them vs us” mentality, etc. “Police” should not have access to automatic weapons at all, unless citizens have the option of owning the exact same thing using the exact same standards.

Example: A 21 year old Sheriff’s deputy with a HS diploma and not much else has no-questions access to fully automatic weapons, while a 50 year old M.D. who lives next door – with advanced degrees, a much higher I.Q. and the ability and authority to dispense Class II drugs has to endure a “background check” by the FBI, ATF and DHS where they look up every orifice he has, tear apart the Doctor’s background, even get into his personal finances, and then, if they deem him worthy, then they grudgingly “allow” him to own what he wishes… which is 200-proof bullshit…

2. The roided up thugs like Dorner and the like, I don’t like them either, can’t abide them. The bonus, around here we still have Peace Officers, our Sheriff is adamant about his guys conduct and methods, there’s a reason he’s up for his 5th term. Respect for him and his department.

A) The only Peace Officer specifically mentioned in the Constitution is the Sheriff. Comes from the “Shire Reeve” of England, a position which has remained unchanged for almost 1000 years. Most, not all, but most Sheriffs take their position and authority with the utmost respect for the Constitution and the citizenry. They are automatically vetted before they take office, since the Sheriffs come from the local population – if he were a dirtbag or sociopath, that would be known beforehand by the citizenry and he would not get into office by default… his kids go to school with your kids, your family knows his family, etc..

“Police” are not. They can come from anywhere, usually the military, are not part of the local culture or citizenry, have no ties to the community, have an “us vs them” attitude and frankly, are used as enforcers by the local city council for revenue generation. Please do not insult my intelligence by denying that. You and I both know that the bean counters on City Council find out they’re going to be a little short when it comes to their budget. They tell the Mayor, who calls the Commissioner, who calls the Chief, who calls the Captains, who tells the Lieutenants to tell the Sergeants and beat cops to start writing more tickets. They might or might not know why they have been ordered to write tickets according to some quota, or they might or might not care. But there is a quota and all they do is rob citizens at gunpoint under color of law and the threat of imprisonment. A gangster is at least honest about robbing you. “Police” are not.

One more thing – police are reactive by definition. Unless a deputy or one of the “police” are driving by at the exact instant a felony is going down, they are reactive. “Protect”? Hardly. They get there after the fact and are really good at asking questions, taking pictures and drawing little chalk outlines, but that’s it. (I know they don’t actually draw those little chalk outlines… I was throwing that out there for the funny). They don’t deal with the fallout and blowback of violent crime. They might track down and get the goon who did the nefarious deed, but they cannot prevent it from happening to you. “Protection” has “pro” in it, meaning they have to be there before the violent act occurs in order to prevent it from happening… and that is impossible…

B) Most cops and deputies will, of course, say they detest the Dorner types. Not you, personally, but sociopaths are very, very adept liars. They can even pass polygraph tests with flying colors. You and I both know this. The sociopaths are replacing the old school Peace Officers, saying what others want to hear, but doing their own thing later on. The Peace Officer is almost extinct. We have Peace Officers as well, the genuine article, but they are going the way of the Dodo. They have to retire sometime, and departments have to replace them with someone. The only reason that douche who tossed a flashbang into a kid’s room admitted it, or tried to justify it, was because he was an inexperienced sociopath… make no mistake, he went somewhere else and learned from his mistake with you all… he is probably working as a “police officer” somewhere else right now…

3. What big cities grtm the MRAPs and such, there is a reason beyond the cool factor, it goes back to the North Hollywood shootout and the sheer number of bank robberies that happen. Some places they are almost normal getting little fanfare in the news, and nobody wants to repeat what happened there in any way. So instead of spending hundreds of thousands on an armored vehicle or refurbishing an old brinks truck, that free MRAP is a cheap solution.

Does every department need one? Of course not. But some places? Maybe.

Dang it.. the wife is giving me the stinkeye and a rasher of **** about not going to the store… and I did promise I would go to the store… crap.

Allow me the time to get to the store, buy the stuff she wants, and beat feet back here…. I got a bit more to say about MRAP’s, etc..


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1