I’m separated from LE, injury.

I do all the smithing for the PDs and the SO where we moved to just like the ones where we moved from.

The liability is a concern most places and all the armorers and smiths I used to associate with and still do, @50 that are still attached, have converted al their guns to semi only, the danger and lawsuits make this highly desirable.

Won’t see the light of day? I know our admin guys, they haven’t pulled their rifles out in years and don’t handle hot calls. They have them because they won’t bring them in for conversion, the cool factor.


The roided up thugs like Dorner and the like, I don’t like them either, can’t abide them. The bonus, around here we still have Peace Officers, our Sheriff is adamant about his guys conduct and methods, there’s a reason he’s up for his 5th term. Respect for him and his department.

The militarization of LE, there’s a number of reasons, both good and bad. I tend to avoid this subject as it tends to inflame everyone regardless of which side they believe.

One reason I avoid the subject is the lumping of all LE together, regardless of location or personnel. Guys like you despise, so did we, we ran them out when they applied. I worked with old timers, they taught me the old ways and methods, good and bad. These same guys are ranchers and farmers, several don’t carry a gun off duty and even went on calls without their gunbelt on.

Part of the problem stems from the new generation of cops, guys back from Afghanistan and Iraq,  they can’t get the .mil training out of their heads and it effects how they do the job, as well as what they use. I did a class recently involving some .mil guys transitioning to LE work, during a building search portion one guy was explaining why he had thrown a dummy flashbang into the children’s room. Needless to say, he didn’t get hired, I called the chief who recommended he take the class.


The Mormon factor,  they’re very conservative in many ways, don’t drink, don’t swear, etc. So I go out of my way in classes to not swear, yet show reason and cause to become violent.

I don’t use “war stories” as such in my classes but news articles that are pertinent, such as child abductions, rape, and the like to get peoples awareness and blood up. These are the situations I use in scenarios, and believe me when I say it is effective.

The training that works for one group, doesn’t always work for all, but its a lot easier to add tactical swearing in than to take it out for different groups.

The .mil gear, we had a little, but most of what we had was cots and the like for emergencies. having lived in tornado country, that was a much bigger threat than anything else normally.

What big cities grtm the MRAPs and such, there is a reason beyond the cool factor, it goes back to the North Hollywood shootout and the sheer number of bank robberies that happen. Some places they are almost normal getting little fanfare in the news, and nobody wants to repeat what happened there in any way. So instead of spending hundreds of thousands on an armored vehicle or refurbishing an old brinks truck, that free MRAP is a cheap solution.

Does every department need one? Of course not. But some places? Maybe.

The NVDs? Not long before I left, there was an escape of a federal prisoner, the manhunt lasted overnight, it would have been nice for those involved to have had at least one NVD to check the fields and such for the bad guy.

Factor in the rise of the gangs and such, looking at the Nuevo Laredo gjnfight, one can easily see the reasons that LE in some areas wants to step up what they have and have access to.

One of my deputies framed a reprimand. He was dinged for driving too fast after a county commissioner complained. Didnt matter that he was transporting a heart attack victim to the hospital. Risking his life and his families future for someone he didn’t know. How fast was he going? I clocked him at 130 coming into town and he had been slowing down already.

And he was the guy nobody liked, a real arsehat, but well respected by crook and citizen alike.

I’ve seen the same in the guys here.

Can’t comment about Chicago,  new york or other places, but out here, the Peace Officer stands.