“Social Security” was a sham from Day 1.

Tolik, it was sold to the people of the US as a “safety net” or some type of retirement thing. That’s how they got people to support it. Gotta remember, those were the days of the Great Depression.

Of course, SS was challenged in court back in the 1930’s. SCOTUS ruled that SS is just a tax, same as any other tax. This did two things-

1. It showed that SS was never designed to provide anyone with any type of “retirement” or safety net or whatever. That it was just another tax designed to give the Almighty Government another giant pile of cash to spend on garbage social engineering programs and…

2. By having the high court recognize it was just another tax, it allowed our gutless criminal politicians, fearless leaders, useless turds to spend it on whatever they want. Through the miracle of math and creative accounting, our politicians can take whatever they want from SS and leave an IOU. They count the IOU as “cash” and intend to pay it back next year… and the clueless proles in the US look at the “budget” that Congress releases every year (when they actually do) and they don’t see the IOU’s because they are counted as cash on hand… same old flim-flam f(*&^ery shell game they’ve been pulling for years…

Government has no business, or authority whatsoever, in messing with things like people’s retirement or health care. Nowhere is it written they have this authority. Congress is pissed off because the Executive Branch has usurped the power that Congress usurped from the individual States and Commonwealths…

People talk about bread lines. We still have bread lines – it’s just that the money formerly used on actual bread lines is now given directly to the individual. And I resent the hell out of it. In the past, charity and the church took care of folks who were down and out/hungry. With the rise of Almighty Government, once again they have overstepped their constitutional bounds and just “assumed” the role of provider.

I don’t agree with the whole premise of government providing the basics for the individual, even less with EBT cards. The Government taking my daily bread at gunpoint, under color of law and threat of imprisonment, and then giving it to someone because they “need” it? That’s obscene. I have yet to run into anyone who can provide me even ONE legitimate reason why they think they can lay claim to anything of mine.

I’d go into the more nefarious reasons why I think they want folks to be able to buy guns with EBT cards, but this post has run long enough….

More to come.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1