<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>By fire lapping, are you talking about putting rubbing compound on the bullet and then firing it?

Sort of, JB Bore paste, a barrel cleaning compound works better, doesn’t embed in the barrel.
You literally dip the bullet into the paste and fire it with a little compound on the bullet. Unlike the options mentioned next, you can do this with handguns easily.

I have my own process for this, for working on customers guns as well as my own, including ‘refreshing’ .22 barrels for those supposedly shot out or that are inaccurate. Normally I get a 50% reduction in group size on conventional .22 rifles. A customers target pistol, between the trigger job and bore lap, the groups went from 4″ at 25Y to less than an inch from a rest.

There are even bullets pre-made for rifles such as:


A little more info: