Haven’t alienated me, I am here to discuss and share info.
We may not always agree, and certain things we agree differently on rather than just sharing one viewpoint.
How we get to that point, and that we get to that point, that’s the point.

Keep agreeing/disagreeing, it keeps us all thinking and learning. .

The way I see this, isn’t as dark and nefarious as some.
Legally they can’t limit what people purchase with the EBT cards, should have from the start, but they didn’t.
So a precedent has been set.
By limiting any “right”, by limiting the purchase, they are setting themselves up for more legal troubles than just allowing the purchase of pretty much whatever.
In Colorado for example the purchase of ‘medical marijuana’.

Again, I look at it this way, the more guns on the street, the more time and effort they have to put forth later, keeping them away from me.
Secondly, eventually those same people will run short of cash (always do) when rent/bills are due and they blew their wad on the new playstation. They’ll sell the guns for chump change and I can begin rebuilding my collection on the cheap.

Buy them from the pawnshops/dealers to save yourself the legal risks of stolen forearms though. Been there, got the tshirt.

I would recommend some little tricks after the purchase though, just in case, such as polishing the extractor, ejector, firing pin face, breech face and perhaps a new barrel, depending on how flush you are at the time.
If too cheap, fire lap the barrel, again just in case.